VOLTZ Avatars:
a Metaverse + Gaming 3D Ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain.

VOLTZ Metaverse Avatars Ecosystem
3D avatars, corporate identity, Ethereum Smart Contracts: Studio BAAKO

What is VOLTZ?
What is a VOLTZ Avatar?

⚡️ VOLTZ is a 3D Avatar ecosystem aiming to offer state-of-the-art tools for the creation and enhancement of your digital identity. An expanding universe where tech innovation is delivered through high quality design and exciting narrative. Your VOLTZ is a high quality 3D Avatar: the core of your digital identity.

Each VOLTZ Avatar is fully ready for Metaverse and Gaming: your 3D files (multiple formats), the high resolution images and more resources are available in the 3D VAULT: a powerful and ever evolving Web3 tool-kit (secure access with Ethereum wallet).

Read more about the 3D VAULT below.

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At BAAKO we have ideated, created and developed the entire ecosystem of VOLTZ.

Since its inception, we cover the entire design and development process of VOLTZ.

Design: branding and corporate identity, UI and UX of all apps, characters and environment 3D modelling, gaming ready avatars and props, 3D modelling of the pilot capsules (PODz) and spacecrafts (StarShips), 3D modelling of digital wearables with particular focus on sneakers, promotional 2D and 3D videos, tutorials, interoperable 3D combos with other avatar collections, and much much more.

Development: web3 apps, corporate website, ETH Smart Contracts, 3D VAULT and its API integrations to Twitter and Discord, on-chain-sourced stats and charts. Further development is ongoing.

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The 3D VAULT: your powerful and secure control panel, where you can organise your NFT avatars and their assets (2D, 3D, and more). An exciting multi-portal to access metaverse events and experiences.

Holders of all 3D VAULT hosted collections are able to enjoy the metaverse using the Avatar-Encrypted-Link: an innovative 3D tool developed by VOLTZ that allows you to jump from the 3D VAULT to any virtual worlds with super friendly UX. 3D VAULT also brings a powerful set of APIs as a service for the metaverse platform that offer direct wallet connection. We are honoured to announce our alliance with a crew of decorated projects. The goals of this collaboration are: sharing real metaverse experiences and pushing the boundaries of interoperability.
VAULT – LOGGED IN copy.pngVAULT – LOGGED IN copy.png