We are BAAKO: a full-service Industrial Design and Software Development agency.

Design Thinking + Agile Software Development. Virtuous cycle at BAAKO.

We offer tailor-made custom solutions, with a Design Thinking approach supported by Cutting-Edge Tech

Our project management follows the agile virtuous circle of Design Thinking, and it’s built on 20 years of professional experience covering a very wide range of industries. Our product development, focused on tailor-made custom solutions, constantly integrates the latest and most efficient technologies.

Innovation-driven Solutions

At BAAKO, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that push the boundaries of creativity and functionality. Our team of experts thrives on tackling complex challenges and translating them into unique and impactful designs and software solutions. We leverage emerging technologies and forward-thinking methodologies to ensure our clients stay ahead in the digital landscape.
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Industrial Design

Our design team covers a wide spectrum of creative services: UI/UX, Corporate Identity, Gaming Avatars and virtual worlds, Print, Packaging, Advertising, Photography, 2D/3D Animation, and mixed media artifacts.
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Software Development

We cover a broad range of digital expertise areas: Web2 and Web3 platforms, Websites, Mobile Applications, custom Intranet Solutions, Business Intelligence tools, Generative Software, and more.
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Cross-Disciplinary Expertise

Our project managers, with their 5+ years of professional experience in Design and Software Development, act as effective cross-disciplinary connectors, ensuring seamless integration.