Era Spaziale:
50 years history of human space exploration, from the Sputnik to Mars exploration.

Editorial research, author’s text editing, project management.
Era Spaziale

239 pages, 8 chapters, hundreds of illustrations.

An in-depth volume that recounts the stages and key figures of space exploration, revisiting the defining moments of the remarkable era of cosmic conquest, starting from its inception.

Within the captivating pages of this book lies the fruit of a truly extraordinary collaboration between two teams. BAAKO has created the design system, the page layouts, and an awe-inspiring array of hundreds of illustrations. Complementing BAAKO's artistry is ELLISSE, a team of highly skilled curators and editors responsible for refining the author's texts. Through their careful curation and extensive research, they have provided the essential foundation for the illustrations created by BAAKO.

The seamless collaboration between ELLISSE and BAAKO has resulted in a harmonious integration of words and images, enhancing the overall excellence of the book.

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